The mission of Empowered Life Solutions is to globally source commodities that empower business and lives. Empowered Life Solutions acts as a conduit between producers and consumers in both primary and secondary markets.  We support the transforming and transporting of commodities to meet customers quality, and logistical requirements.  Additionally, we manage transportation and complexed logistics to source, blend, store and deliver commodities for customers worldwide. We responsibly source commodities used everyday to empower the lives billions of people the world over.


Copper - Aluminium - Tin - Coal - Crude - Timber - Gold - Precious Stones

Our founder has spent over twenty years developing, deploying and supporting globally networked trading solutions for some of the leading trading firms and financial institutions in the world, to include but not limited to: Cargill, Intercontinental Exchange, UBS, Bank of America and Wachovia.  

At Empowered Life Solutions we work with suppliers and partners who reflect industry best practices of safety, integrity, environmental responsibility and openness.