About ELS

Our founder and CEO Devrin Lynell Williams has spent over twenty years in the FINTECH industry as a senior network design and sales engineer developing and contributing global teams designing and deploying data centers in support of globally networked trading solutions for some of the leading trading firms and financial institutions in the world, to include but not limited to: Cargill, Intercontinental Exchange, UBS, Bank of America and Wachovia.  

At Empowered Life Solutions Limited we work with suppliers and partners who reflect industry best practices of safety, integrity, environmental responsibility and openness.

The goal of Empowered Life Solutions Limited is to develop solutions and source commodities that empower business and lives. We plan, manage and deploy solutions that improve safety and increase return on investment.

Additionally, we act as a conduit between producers and consumers in both primary and secondary markets.  We support the transforming and transporting of commodities to meet customers quality, and logistical requirements.  

At Empowered Life Solutions Limited we manage transportation and complexed logistics to source, blend, store and deliver commodities for customers worldwide. 

CORE Commodities

Gold - Copper - Aluminium - Tin - Agro - Refinery Based Products - Timber - Precious Stones

Empowered Life Solutions Limited offers a large range of commodities to include; Agricultural, Metals and Refinery based products. Core commodities traded globally, daily are; Gold, Copper and Aluminum. We mitigate purchasing risk by providing transparent pricing, exploring extensive trading opportunities to include varied payment methods, manufacturing process, age and location of metals.

For gold mines possessing current mining permits, export licenses and following international mining compliance protocols, we will develop long term contracts for you with large capacity vetted global buyers.
We specialize in supplying clients with gold production contracts. We have direct relationships with large mines in the largest producing countries in Africa to include; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Ghana. Our contracts start at 500 kgs per week for 52 weeks. Whether you are a private investor, financial institution or refining entity please contact us to to receive our Soft Corporate Offer. 

We supply clients seeking hallmarked gold bullion both more and less than 5 years old ranging from 200 MT to 10,000 MT per tranche. 


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller of copper cathodes, mulberry, concentrate or ore you need a trading partner who understands the intricacies of the market space. 
Empowered Life Solutions Limited is headquartered in Solwezi which is on the Copper belt in Zambia which means we literally live and breathe the copper industry. 
We have established relationships with companies in  the highest copper producing nations in the world to include; Chile, Peru, China, the US, Australia, the DRC and Zambia. As so we can easily meet the capacity and payment needs of large scale buyers while providing producers with long term highly profitable contracts. 
Aluminum plays a vital role in today’s industrial sector due to its intrinsic and versatile properties of strength-weight ratio, lightweight, resistance to corrosion, non-toxicity, thermal as well as electrical conductivity, etc. 
At Empowered Life Solutions Limited we provide a wide range of standard alloys to cover our clients needs. Our sales and client support teams work in close cooperation with our clients to source products according to their special needs. 
We partner with leading global Aluminum Ingot producers to bring our clients the highest quality products, at the most competitive pricing with the quickest delivery. We meet and exceed the purchasing needs of clients in the aerospace, automotive, building, electrical, electronics industries and beyond.