Interview clients to determine clients to assess liabilities and cash flow. Discuss payment options to include the varied benefits of leveraging trade finance companies. We collaborate with many partners in a highly complex supply chain.  Additionally, we analyze markets to determine optimum conditions to leverage geographic, time and technical arbitrage, as well as utilizing tried-and-tested trade routes to minimize cost of delivery.


Copper - Aluminium - Tin - Coal - Crude - Timber - Gold - Precious Stones

Our account managers excel in providing unmatched customer service through the life-cycle of the contract. We provide in-depth product and logistics information with the utmost transparency. 

At Empowered Life Solutions we perform roles much broader than mere brokers. ELS provides high-level service to the commodity producer and consumer alike,  ensuring execution progresses smoothly and within budgeted parameters to empower your businesses profitability.


LED Street & Roadway Lighting offers comprehensive roadway lighting solutions that will change the way you light your lanes. We’ve applied the science of light and our expertise in roadway fixtures to integrate efficiency and reliability into our solutions.

Our Solutions span everything from energy-efficient LED streetlights, LED road studs, to data-collecting sensors, these roadway products decrease costs, improve safety and enhances driving experience, making drivers feel safer and more able to travel at night.